Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Voice of My Teenage Angst

The other day, I heard a song that hurled me back to my freshman year of high school (1991). That song put music and words to that year's personal angst. That song was Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me".

I was heartbroken over a boy that I liked that didn't like me. Who started dating my friend during this. When I heard that song, was I ever reminded of that unhappy time.

The passing of time will give perspective.

I found out about 12 years ago that guy is gay.


Anonymous said...

LOL, good times:-) I was "hurled" back to junior high memories as well when I found out that NKOTB was coming out with a new album....hehe!
** If you don't know what NKOTB stands for, you obviously weren't cool -- or wait a minute, maybe it's because you were cool:-)


shanon said...

NKOTB rock. And I have that Bonnie Raitt song on my iPod. Music does that to you. I now teach for the mother of my first "love". The one I sent love letters and made dedications to on the radio. Life is full of irony.

shanon said...

My friend at school went to a NKOTB concert Thursday night. She said they rocked the house and did all the dance moves. Couldn't even tell they were all about 40 years old.