Thursday, October 16, 2008

Organizer Update

I actually sold one of my homeschooling organizers. I am very excited because my customer seems to be pleased with it as well.

Using the organizer helps me to see what might be more helpful and I've had some ideas. On the weekly pages, I have little monthly calendars that show the previous and next month at a glance. Using my own organizer let me know that it would be helpful to have the current month on there as well, just as a quick reference. All future organizers will have this feature.

The biggest inovation will be the future right/left handed books. I have found that the current way the book is laid out is problematic for a right-handed person who will more than likely do most of their writing in the Lesson Plan blocks. After writing just a bit, your hand backs up to the rings, and I for one, find that very annoying. Yes, you can remove the paper because of the awesome binder status, but I don't want to do that unnecessarily. Better to have an organizer that functions on all levels.

I am thrilled with how this has turned out and am actually considering putting some together for next summer and hitting a conference or two...

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Anonymous said...

I knew it!
Forget conferences. Ebay, internet baby!