Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choosing Joy

It's been a tough day and it's only lunchtime.

There is milk spilled in the kitchen waiting to be cleaned up, my plant is leaking coffee and needs to be cleaned up. The children are clamoring for the next course of their lunch.

The truck needs some work done and Brian is in the middle of an outage, the bane of my existence, and does not have the time or energy to work on it. To that load, add his classes, attending soccer practice so I can work and helping out with Awana.

Everyone has been sick, with fever and runny noses.

Month-end is busy for me and my bookkeeping gig.

Honestly, I could roll into a ball and just spend some time crying on the floor. In fact, I've already spent some time crying over my frustration today, but from now on, I'm going to choose joy. I want to watch the Lord work and see how He gets me through it. I know there is no laundry pile bigger than my Lord. I am here for a purpose and the Lord has a plan. I want to help that plan, not hinder it.

So....here goes. I am choosing joy today. I was inspired seeing another person choose that, too.

Anyone else?


Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I hear you. I wish I could say my choice to choose a different attitude went more smoothly yesterday, but...

And, thanks for the link!

Lindsay said...

Sometimes a good cry is just what we need! I'm practicing this morning with two boys who are KICKING each other over the Wii and a husband who couldn't WAIT to get to work! lol

Prayers for you!

Anonymous said...

I like the concept!! I will give it a shot too! Ken's in the middle of working 8 - 12's. My twins are due to wake at any moment and my laundry pile is taller than Avery and creeping up on me! JOY! I will choose joy!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it's so hard sometimes. Aaron has worked the last 15 days straight 12 hours a day. He will probably continue for several weeks. I have to constantly remind myself that joy IS a choice no matter what my circumstances are!


shanon said...

It is so hard to believe you can CHOOSE joy in thie midst of yucky circumstances. I am the one with stuffy head and fever, I am the one with grades due by 11 p.m. and the server keeps crashing, I am the one who has to fix dinner and doesn't have the ingredients to make a single meal. But, for a moment, If I change my focus, I see things differently. I am the one whose husband came home early to clean my yard of all the debris so I can get into my driveway. I am the one whose children are sitting quietly (for the moment) working on homework. I am the one who finished paying bills and had some extra cash left over! JOY! I choose JOY!

Anonymous said...

Choose joy and mother's day out. God created that, too.
It is noble to say that a women should be the heart, keeper and tender of the home, but in times past, I think women also bonded together, doing community chores, establing creches (sp?) etc just to get things done more than they do now. We are our own islands, like the men.
Saying its ok to give yourself a hand should be very joyful!
I say mother's day out to catch up, clean AND relax, car pool to soccer practice, etc, etc.
I know its not fair to rely on Brian during this time. He has a full plate but you can rely on other resources.