Sunday, October 26, 2008

The 101st Post

I've seen it done on other blogs. It's not a bad idea. I'm going to do it here.

One hundred one things about me:
  1. I am named after my grandfather.
  2. My mother, my oldest daughter and I all share a middle name.
  3. It's Kaye.
  4. I am 5'10".
  5. I wear a size 11 shoe.
  6. Buying shoes is hard.
  7. I love shoes.
  8. My parents have been married nearly 34 years.
  9. I am the oldest of 2.
  10. My brother is 9 years younger than me.
  11. Today, I am 31 and a half.
  12. My parents still live in the first house they ever owned.
  13. Brian and I have moved 7 times since we've been married.
  14. That includes out and back in after Hurricane Rita repairs.
  15. We have been married nearly 6 years.
  16. We met on the internet.
  17. My friend, Kellie, suggested I place an ad on
  18. We married nearly a year to the day after our first date.
  19. Eloped, really.
  20. To the Caribbean.
  21. On a cruise.
  22. My mother didn't speak to me for 2 months.
  23. We were married on a Sunday.
  24. I was barefoot in the sand.
  25. It rained that day.
  26. They said it was good for fertility.
  27. We have 3 girls.
  28. All born within the first five years.
  29. The oldest is Lillian Kaye.
  30. We call her Lily.
  31. She was 3 weeks early.
  32. She weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces.
  33. Fifteen months later, Darcy Suzanne.
  34. She was 2 weeks early.
  35. She weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces.
  36. She was born during our Hurricane Rita evacuation.
  37. In another hospital.
  38. In another city.
  39. By another doctor.
  40. Third, Reagan Elizabeth.
  41. Also 2 weeks early.
  42. She weighed 9 pounds, 7 ounces.
  43. All babies delivered by C-section.
  44. By 3 different doctors.
  45. In 3 different hospitals.
  46. In 3 different cities.
  47. I was also a big baby.
  48. I weighed 11 pounds, 3.5 ounces.
  49. We expect there will be a 4th at some point in time.
  50. In college, I was an English major.
  51. I didn't finish.
  52. I lived with my parents for 5 years after I didn't finish college.
  53. I slept on a folding camping cot the whole time.
  54. So long, that sleeping in a regular bed made my back hurt terribly.
  55. Now we have a TempurPedic.
  56. In the real world, I discovered I was good with numbers.
  57. Especially numbers associated with dollars.
  58. I want to be a forensic accountant when I grow up.
  59. Except I'm already grown up and a stay-at-home mom.
  60. Pre-SAHM, I was an executive assistant for engineers.
  61. I loved my boss I worked with in Abilene, TX.
  62. He gave me free reign to do what I needed to do.
  63. I just didn't love Abilene.
  64. I love magazines.
  65. Especially Texas Monthly.
  66. My guilty pleasure to read when I'm stuck somewhere are celebrity magazines like People and US.
  67. I love Beverly Hills 90210.
  68. And E/R.
  69. Also NYPD Blue.
  70. I watch/listen to them on DVD while I work.
  71. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
  72. I love the food you can't/don't get any other time of the year.
  73. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons.
  74. I do not like cold weather.
  75. I love the beach.
  76. Except I don't get real excited about the water.
  77. Unless it's in a pool.
  78. I love to lay out in the sun by the water and feel the wind all day.
  79. A pool on a beach would be the best thing ever.
  80. I am very fair so I burn.
  81. I used to think I was olive-complected.
  82. Before I was married, I used to spend my days off alone on Galveston beach.
  83. I miss those days.
  84. I smoked Marlboro Lights for 8 years.
  85. It's been 5 and a half years since I quit smoking.
  86. I don't start again becasue of the effect it would have on my girls.
  87. There are many days I miss smoking.
  88. I have 3 tattoos.
  89. One is a peach.
  90. I like fine jewelery.
  91. Especially diamonds.
  92. My birthstone.
  93. I am a Taurus.
  94. Another of my tattoos.
  95. Once I was engaged, I stopped reading my horoscope.
  96. I am extremely emotional and get my feelings hurt easily.
  97. Most people don't know that about me.
  98. I love brownies.
  99. And Coke.
  100. After years of never having any "real" hobbies, I now have several that I have no time to do.
  101. I have been a Christian since I was 8 years old.

1 comment:

ali said...

dear georgia
i think i love you. LOL
im 5'8 1/2. size 10.5 shoe. buying shoes is HARD.
kris was 2 days early-9lbs.
doug was 2 weeks early-10lbs 1oz.
kendyl was 12 days early-9lbs 12 oz.
all vaginal. NO DRUGS. kill me please LOL
im with you on #96 :*(
i live the fall & beach too.
but im a new englander.
nice to meet you!