Monday, May 04, 2009

Adventures of Toad

Once, some girls went out to play. They came in to tell me about a toad...said they needed a basket to catch him. So I gave them one.

"By the time we got the shovel", Lily reported, "that toad got away! He was just too fast!" Lily is sad because she wanted frog legs for lunch...

She said they might be good. She said, "Maybe Daddy has had them and he thinks they're good." Darcy chimes in, "Uncle Greg ate a shark!"

After Reagan's nap, I took her outside and we were were a sight walking around the perimeter all holding hands, when we ran into the toad again.

"There he is!" Lily shouted.

"Catch him with your hand," I told her.

"I can't. I'm too afraid," she said. Then she ran back to the porch to get the basket. I guess they thought he was going to just jump in the basket and head off willingly to certain death.

"Darcy," I said, "Catch that toad with your hand."

"Okay, Mama. Oooh, I touched him. Lily, I touched him."

Finally that poor, fat toad found a little hole to crawl into and die from a heart attack instead of at the hands of two relatively ambitious toad-hunters with a basket from the dollar store.

Then the girls and I went to the swing set to swing where Lily proceeded to do the exact opposite of what I told her. She had to sit on the porch where there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Reagan loved swinging and was laughing and laughing. Finally Mama was tired so Darcy, Reagan and I joined Lily, already banished inside for her outburst.

The End.