Friday, October 06, 2006

Mom's Night Out

Last night, I had set up an impromptu, un-official Mom's Night Out for some of the girls who weren't able to make it to the official one last week. What a disaster! Actually, the whole day was in the toilet from start to finish. The day started out poorly because of migraine and med leftovers in my system from the day before. Darcy refused to drink her cow's milk, either out of a cup or a bottle and I refused to fix formula. So she sat there and cried and I did, too. Poor Lily didn't know what to make of it all. The day just got worse from there.

My truck was supposed to be finished on Tuesday, but wasn't. Same for Wednesday. Finally it was ready late afternoon Thursday, but with Brian working 12+ hours a day, there was no way to pick it up until well after closing time. They were kind enough to bring it by the house so that they could pick up a check and I could finally have transportation. Seems like I feel worse knowing there is no way to escape all the madness.

Brian was supposed to be home in time for me to go out so he could watch the girls. I did fix supper, including making cornbread so it wasn't like he was going to be stuck eating leftovers or something. It kept getting closer and closer to 7pm and he kept not being here....and I couldn't reach him on his cell phone. Finally, at 7:15 I try his desk again and he answers it...I was so furious. My friend was going to leave her daughter with him so that she could go, and now I had to tell her that wasn't going to happen either. She was a much better sport about it than I was, that's for sure. We ended up taking all the kids for our Mom's Night Out which worked out okay because the other mom that was there did manage to escape her children so she took over watching Lily.

Brian finally showed up and took all 3 girls back to the house so we could finish our dinner in peace so he won lots of points for that.

Darcy had her one year check up today...doing well except the fact that she refuses to drink cold milk and refuses to walk. I can't imagine where in the world that girl gets that stubborn streak. I don't think Lily was nearly as stubborn...I don't even know if that's the right word. There are times that Darcy seems to be openly defiant. It doesn't matter how many times you tell her "no" or spank her hand or her fat little thigh, she keeps going right back to it. She's a happy long as she's getting what she wants. Isn't she a little young to be digging her heels in like this?


Lindsay said...

That sounds like Drewby to a tee...except for the part about benig happy! =) He's very openly defiant - digging his heels, ankles legs, and thighs in so he doesn't have to do what you want him to!

Today at McDonalds he THREW HIMSELF DOWN ON THE FLOOR on all fours, yelling "Mama! Iwantthat!" If Matthew had done that I would have been SO embarrassed. But by this time, I just walked off and said, "Let's go, sweetie."

Anyway, it gets a little easier as they can learn to talk. But it's just the over and over and over again discipline - with calmness and consistency - that starts to make (gradual) dents in the defiance.

Glad you could make it out last night (even if it was hard). It'll get easier...It'll get easier...It'll get easier. (Just keep repeating that to yourself...)

Anonymous said...

Not is she is like her Mama. *wink*
She is such a pleasant baby, though! I just loved them to pieces.

becki said...

I hate to tell you, but some kids are just born defiant. Kendall was born with a "Oh no you didn't!" look on her face! She ALWAYS knew what she wanted and would fight to get it. We have been really tough with her and our labors are now producing fruit. Since she has turned 6, she is a completely different child! She knows we love her, but we will not put up with disobedience or disrespect. Be patient- things will get better. I am thankful for her strong mind, she does her own thing and is not a follower, which I find refreshing! Good luck!

p.s. glad you got to go out!!!

Pretty in Pink said...

I'm glad you got to go out after all. I'm so glad you're making friends so fast. That's so awesome!

Darcy sounds a lot like my little girls! :)