Saturday, October 07, 2006

Early Saturday Morning

Last night I worked out with the trainer. This entire week I have not been able to go to the gym as much as I ususally do and it really showed when I got together with Amy. The truth be known, I didn't want to go at all and had it not been for a prearraged appointment with her, I might not have gone. I guess that's the benefit, for me, of working with the trainer. I have to be accountable to someone who can actually hold me accountable.

I don't know if the workout was harder than usual, or if my absence this week from the gym made it seem harder, but I was not happy when I got home. It felt like everything we did was super tough and I was getting very frustrated. Had I not been paying her for her time and expertise, I feel very strongly that I might have just thrown down that red resistance band and said, "I'm finished. Thanks so much, but I've had enough." But I didn't. I ususally feel very good when I get done working out, like I've accomplished something. This time, I just drug home and felt crummy.

When Brian left this morning at 5:30, I must have sneezed about 8 times so I decided to go ahead and get up. I'm going to go to the Body Blast class this morning. Amy offered to come and watch my girls so that I could go. The girl that teaches that class is a demon. She also teaches Pilates on Tuesday and she's tough in there, too. But I always feel worked over when I leave those classes. And when I go to the classes, I give myself permission to avoid the elliptical machine. Although I don't know why I dislike it so's the biggest measurement of my improvement besides the results on my body.

I am ready for some cooler weather and I think we're going to get that next week. We got our 2nd light bill since we've been here and it was $225. Last month it was $200. We live in a 900 square foot apartment. Our electricity bill wasn't that high in our house. Of course, we had obnoxious windows that never let anything in or out (except spiders) and the doors didn't have big gaps, either. There are benefits to living in an apartment, but the excessively high electric bills aren't one of them. We'll probably be freezing in here in the winter, but at least heat rises and hopefully the girls will stay warm at night. I worry about these things.


Anonymous said...

I, of all people, know about that negative thinking but, from an objective view point, I think the absence made your stamina dwindle a bit. You shouldn't get too frustrated though as you have made a good dent in acquiring such good habits as working out and getting a routine. Look at it as motivation to make working out a priority every day, even when you can't get away from the house to keep your stamina up. Do you think Lily would enjoy something like Sweatin' To The Oldies with mom? I know she's no Fred Astaire at 2 but I'm thinking she'd be adorable dancing in front of the TV.
I know I am much better at doling out the advice then taking it myself.
Just know that I am proud of so many of the things you have done, including taking the initiative to plan a workout with a trainer and putting in the hard work. I believe it really does make one feel better, more confident and calmer.

Pretty in Pink said...

I'm so proud of you for your continued fitness pursuits. You rock!!! How did you get motivated? TELL!

I'm ready for some cooler weather, too. I'm not supposed to sweat in October; it's just not natural. ;)