Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Middle of October

How is it already the middle of October?

They came and replaced the carpet upstairs this week. I got a notice on the door Monday to let me know that it would be done on Tuesday, at some point. This has been so aggravating to me...I feel like the carpet should have been replaced before we moved in because it definitely needed it. The carpet is ugly, to say the least (looks like the contractor's special that my parents' house had when it was built in 1977), but it's better than what it was by leaps and bounds.

In order to get out of the house, I ended up taking the girls to the mall in Fort Worth so I could pick up Darcy's pictures. They turned out so well! I know that I'm partial, but that girl takes some very nice pictures. Of course, I am learning that it has a lot to do with the photographer. We have tried to get Darcy's picture taken in the same dresses that Lily has had her picture taken in. I like to compare them to each other.

Lily's First Birthday
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Darcy's First Birthday
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And a couple other really cute pictures of Darcy because the photographer was so good:
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The last couple of days, Darcy has been running a fever, but no other symptoms. I'm going to assume that it's from teething, but I don't know for sure. I just don't want Lily to get it, if it's not teething. Brian has been sick and the girls, too, but I have managed to escape major illness. I have been feeling so blah lately, I can't describe it. I feel like my head is in a fog and I don't have the energy or the inclination to do much of anything. For a while, I was feeling so good about everything, but lately, I don't care about anything.

I did learn the other day that I can read a magazine while I'm on the tread mill. 20 minutes went by in no time while I was reading Good Housekeeping. If I can read on the tread mill, then maybe I could read on the elliptical...that always seems like the longest 15 minutes of my life.

I'm thinking I need to go find something constructive to do...


becki said...

I totally adore the last picture! How beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That was from Kellie :D

Anonymous said...

Ok, the comment box is not cooperating and is selectively publishing notes. lol
I was just mentioning the supplement htp-5 which is at Walgreens. I think I already told you about it, though. It helped me with the fog and reduced my appetite when I used it.

Pretty in Pink said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

I'm sorry you've been feeling blah. Maybe you're preglicious.

(ducking from the tomatoes ou are throwing at me!)

Seriously, are you taking your vitamins?

I'm so proud of you on your fitness achievements. I wish I could join a gym. I just know I'm not likely to go since I'm 800 miles outside of town it seems like.

Pretty in Pink said...

I'm waiting for my Georgia fix. It's been too long.