Saturday, October 07, 2006

Family-Integrated Churches

Here is another opportunity to share your heart. Someone is asking about the benefit of family-integrated churches:

Home Churches Anyone?

I know that I don't know all the ins and outs of it all, but would be interested in hearing more information.


Pretty in Pink said...

Interesting. I had already read and responded to Doug's post.

Personally, I think there are many benefits to the FIC. From what I understand, most FIC are based on Southern Baptist tenets but place emphasis on father's as spiritual leaders, mothers as having their main ministry (and only for a time)their service to their family. It emphasizes family participation and dads as the ultimate youth pastors.

I think all of those are worthy, scriptural pursuits.

We have been very interested in looking for a FIC when we move to Knoxville.

However, we have recently changed our minds.

That said, I have a close friend whose family is considering the FIC, and they are one of the strongest, neatest, amazing Christian families I've ever met. If they are considering it, then it's gotta be good.

We have recently come to the conclusion, however, that this is not the church for us.

HOWEVER, it is still our main desire to improve upon and focus on the abovementioned (fathers as spiritual leaders and teachers/mothers as ministering to their families/family oriented learning, etc.)

All that to say that I think there can be many benefits to the Family Integrated Church, and I would encourage anyone to do their research if they have any interest.

I am thankful for my friend who shared the information with me.

If anyone would like more information, I would be happy to share the research I've done.

After writing all this, I will say one more thing: our decision is not 100%. We made a decision based on fear, but we have not prayed it through. I didn't even realize that we had left out the most vital element (DUH!) until I wrote all this out.

Final point (You're saying, "OH THANK YOU LORD, FINALLY!! )

There are many benefits, but there can be dangers as well. Just like with any other church. We all have to seek God's Spirit and His will on where we should be.

Thanks for listening.

Lindsay said...

I agree with Leisa - but before I write any more, I just would like to throw a warning out there that this could be as volatile topic as homeschooling. I promise not to post until I have prayed about my comments.

I do not believe this is the church for me. My bottom line is if everyone who believes so strongly about fathers leading their homes and the spiritual responsibility being more on the familes and less on the church, if all of these people leave the church, who will continue to minister to those (especially the children, who don't have any say) who are still in the church?

I truly believe many of the tenets of the FIC. I also do not hold hard and fast to most of the structure of the modern church. However, where we are right now, God has given me a heart for the people. When I go to church, I don't see the building and the structure and the budget - I see the people and respond to their hearts. Because of that, I feel called to minister to them in the way Christ leads me.

It may be by introducing some new ideas or concepts, or speaking my heart about things I have studied. It may be in singing and playing with kids and getting to know them. It may be a myriad of things. But that is where I am right now.

I have thought about this a lot - I have done a lot of reading, and talking, and praying. This is where we are right now.

Lindsay said...

Everybody must be gun shy after our homeschooling conversation. =)

Granny said...

When we were considering leaving our former church, we very seriously considered this direction. We were so discouraged about the local churches and their lack of focus on Christ alone for LIFE - not just for salvation.

We were searching for someone "like-minded" and we asked God if this would be the way for us - to begin a home church or join one. He led us to our current church and showed us where He desired us to serve and worship. So for us that was not the way. We couldn't be happier where we are.

But I certainly understand why some are going this direction and feel that it is a viable option for those who cannot find peace in a place where disagreeing beliefs can't co-exist.

And yes, this could be a volatile discussion, so please be assured this is just my opinion

God help us to remember that He is a personal God and His relationship with each of us is unique and His leadership of our lives is very personal.

"Right and wrong" comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil from which we have been delivered through Jesus Christ - we choose now to live out of the tree of life.

Anonymous said...

Actually I heard that there was one starting in southeast Texas somewhere, near Beaumont I think. There are a bunch in and near Houston :)