Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Whew!! Glad that's over.

This week started Brian's 12-hour days for this outage. It's not really that much different than what he was working, except now it's required. He still leaves very early in the morning and doesn't get home until the girls are eating supper. By the time he does get home, I usually have some Brian-encouraged activity to go to anyway so we just pass each other in the evenings until I get home again.

Last night when I got home, the pastor and associate pastor were standing in my living room, which was not company ready, by the way. The upstairs was in much better shape since I dusted and vacuumed up there yesterday, but hadn't gotten to the downstairs yet. They were here to talk to Brian, not give the house a white glove inspection. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Can you believe they didn't even call first? What is that all about?

Things are still going well at the gym. In the past month, I've lost 11 pounds, and about 5 inches overall which makes me feel very good and very proud of myself. I am well on my way to getting to where I want to be which makes me very happy. Someone asked how I am able to stay motivated and I believe it has everything in the world to do with my trainer. She has a vested interest in how well I do and I really feel like she cares about me. When I told her how I'd gone 10 minutes on the elliptical (consecutively--an all time record for me), she gave me a huge hug and told me that she was so proud of me. When she and I work together, she's taking time away from her family to devote to me, so if I do things halfway, I'm stealing from her family and mine and that helps keep me motivated. Not to mention, I love how I feel. I really love it (this sounds sick), when I come home and I am sore...that tells me it's all working. I make Brian feel my muscles and I pretend like he's very impressed and not just obliging me.

Darcy had her first birthday last week and we didn't really do the best job of celebrating it. We've just had a ton of prior commitments going on that made it nearly impossible. I'm going to make a cake today so we can sit down as a family and celebrate it. We gave her some gifts the other day and of course, Lily is completely fascinated by them. Isn't that the way it always goes? I end up feeling like the worst mother in the world because Darcy always seems to get the short end of the stick, compared to her sister. For Lily's first birthday, we had a big party with lots of people and food. Lily lived the first 6 months of her life, in her bed, in her room, in our house. Darcy lived the first six months of her life, in 3 different places in a tiny bassenette until she exceeded the weight limit. Darcy is definitely the most well-adjusted, easily adaptable child of the two. She has no problem at all with change and she has the best disposition of any baby I've seen. But she knows her own mind and doesn't want or need your help, thank you very much. I thought she'd be walking by now, chasing Lily, but Lily stays pretty close to her so Darcy doesn't have to go very far. I feel certain that she will walk when she's good and ready and not a second before. Just like Lily did.


JLP said...

Hey Georgia and Brian,

I hope things are going good for you guys.




Regina said...


Regarding the walking issue.......my girls waited to 15 months so be encouraged it will happen. I understand though about your second born getting the short end of the stick. I have felt that way many times also regarding my second born. ALso I am probably one of those people you were talking about that didn't comment about homeschooling. I did have a long post that I didn't get to finish and just decided on not posting it. Long story, but I didn't feel like it was anything more or different than what anybody else was posting on either side. Sorry! I'm so glad to hear how well things are going for you guys.:)

Lindsay said...

I have recently really had to deal with this (trust me, it gets worse, not better the more kids you have), but I have come to believe that God decides the birth order of our children.

Who knew?!

He knew that Miriam would be born first, then Aaron, then Moses. Not only did he know, the did that on purpose. Because of that, Moses had the benefit of, not just parents as spiritual models and examples, but two older siblings as well.

I think maybe the 2nd and 3rd kiddos don't have all the one-on-one attention that the 1st did. But, they're getting attention from MORE people. They are also reaping so many benefits from their older siblings, and their parents', well, sanity (I think you lose your mind for a while after #1 is born). Those are blessings from God.

So - rest. Don't worry about it. It's God's job to choose. It's yours to love your babies and kiss and hug on them whenever you get a chance. And don't worry about all the other stuff.

Pretty in Pink said...

Hey Georgia...conrats on reaching those fitness goals. That's great!!

My girls did not walk until they were 16 months old. They were preemies, but STILL! I was all nervous about it...but I've learned (as I'm sure you have) that God wired them and made them...and like you said...she will walk when she's darn good and ready. And a year from now, you will have forgotten you even cared!