Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

I love how the blogging community works. You read one blog and then check out the blog of another person who left a comment on the first blog and before you know it, you have a "she told 2 friends" Breck-girl bloglist.

That's how I found this blog and now I am passing it on:

It is actually based on a popular Wordpress blog, Stuff White People Like. I had never heard of it or read it and can't comment on it, but this one is funny. The author highlights things that go on in the lives of Christians and our churches and for the most part, sheds a humorous light on them. Recent posts include a comparison/classification of Bible translations to GI Joe characters and a full on discussion on why many Christians have taken a "secret blood oath against the city of Las Vegas".

Definitely worth a look for a laugh.

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