Monday, May 26, 2008

My New Quilting Project

Since I am taking another quilting class, I am working on another project. The first quilt was technically a "lap quilt" for Darcy, and it's still not finished. The top is finished, it's been quilted, and I only lack putting on the binding. I want to finish it, but since I am in the middle of this class, I have to stay caught up with my current project. Having never sewed before, I really have to work diligently to keep up with the rest of the class.

This is a picture of what I am working toward. Of course, with my own stylishly selected fabric. It was very ironic when I went to pick the fabric for this quilt. With the first quilt, I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I hadn't even decided what to do with it. With this quilt, there was no hesitation. A quilt for our bed. The hardest part was picking fabric that Brian wouldn't hate. He didn't have to love it, just not hate it. There was even a point in time during the selection phase that I wished I had more fabric to choose from!

Modern, whimsical fabric for this quilt:

The completed log cabin square:

It might look a little off; that's because it's sitting on top of another square.

One completed sashing (of about 60):

(Goes in between the squares.)

I should have taken a picture of the new sewing machine I want. I was having a terrible time with my other one (Wal-Mart special, $100). I thought it was my sewing. The lady that teaches my class kept saying it wasn't me and I didn't believe her. Then she brought a Baby Lock for me to try. Okay. I agree; it isn't me. This machine weighs less than 13 pounds and has 66 stitches, and it's electronic. I am hooked. Except Mother's Day and my birthday have already rolled by before I found out about this Baby. The lady who owns the store offered me a part time job to help cut kits. If I became a permanent, part-time employee, I could get a Baby Lock for wholesale. Wholesale! Not only would I get a discount on the sewing machine, but 25% off my fabric and they would pay me also! Except we don't live in the town where the store is located. But I'm going to talk to her again tonight what exactly she's needing and see if I could make it work.

I am having a flashback to about 11 years ago, when I came home from college and had to get a job because I had left school and was back home living with Mom and Dad. I started by applying at Kroger and by the time it was all said and done, I had 4 jobs and was working 90 hours a week. Someone would offer me a job, and I would try to make it work. What a crazy life that was.


Anonymous said...

Good eye! I would not have put those together by looking at the first photo but the colors and patterns were amazing together in the block.
I am tickled to death watching you do this remembering how many times your protested with "I'm not a creative person!"
Yes, my dear, you are!
Does it ever amaze you just how much you accomplished that you never knew possible?
It should...
P.S. That's it. I am buying a sewing machine. *jealous*

Georgia said...

Oh Kellie T (because you will always be Kellie T..... to me no matter how long you're married and no offense to Sam), I forget that you've known me for a long time. Probably twice as long as Brian.

I am really not a creative person except I keep having all these ideas about things I could do. Entrepreneural-type things. And I keep thinking I could do it! But then reality sets in and I think, "Who in the world would pay for something that I make?"

As for a sewing machine, if you're going to buy one, invest in a better one. I am seriously sold out on the one I'm borrowing from my teacher. It's a BabyLock Xscape. It's the perfect size for carrying to those quilting classes I know you're going to be starting soon! (Find a quilting store and take the classes from them.)

Anonymous said...