Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weight Watchers-Week 6

This week, I chickened out.

I went to the meeting, but didn't weigh in. I have a pretty good idea where I'm at, but there is no official record. In my mind, at least I didn't have to face another gain. I don't know what difference it makes. When I get on the scale at home, I can see the results.

I am learning the hard way that Brian and I aren't really able to help each other out in this area. One of us will have a "suggestion" and then the other will think it's a good idea, when in reality, it is nowhere near being a good idea. No one likes being the bad guy. I, for one, have been controlled by food. And I can't quite understand why.

But for me, it has turned into a spiritual battle. Maybe it was always a spirtual battle and I just didn't recognize it. Now, I am being bombarded by examples from scripture that we are to live in moderation and deny ourselves. I will post in the near future how the Lord is helping me drag through this.

In the meantime, I am holding steady at a loss of 5.2 pounds. I weigh in again on Thursday.

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shanon said...

It is definitely a spiritual battle for me, and the problem is that I don't WANT to turn it over to the Lord quite yet. I WANT to eat the ice cream and whatever else happens to taste good at the moment. And until I am ready to release everything to Him, I will never win. Because I can do nothing apart from HIm. But at least I know it now, right?