Friday, March 14, 2008

Growing Like A Weed

Reagan is nearly four months old and I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing. Quite frankly, I am alarmed. How in the world is it possible that Lily will be 4 this year, Darcy will be 3 and I will be 31? Brian and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this past December so "we" are getting long in the tooth as well. While we were dating I used to have these "flash forwards" to what our life was going to be like after we got married. It was really weird. I don't have them anymore and what I envisioned doesn't come close to matching reality. But reality isn't so bad, either.
I have a hard time reconciling Lily to her age. She's the oldest and she acts like a little mother hen. One day, out of complete desperation, I let her feed Reagan, with my supervision of course. Reagan woke up early and I was in the middle of fixing dinner and there was no way that I was going to be able to stop and there was no way that Reagan was going to wait. That really went pretty well. I just put Reagan in her bouncy seat and put Lily in the chair. It was a little time consuming going back and forth to adjust the bottle, but not nearly as time consuming as feeding her myself. The next time I had to use my "extra set of hands" is when I had to give Darcy an emergency bath.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the brilliant idea that we should start potty training Darcy. After 2 hours, I had an indication that she might not be ready yet. One of those indicators necessitated a bath in the middle of the day. It was past time for Reagan to eat, but Darcy needed a bath. As in, Darcy couldn't go forward with her day until she had a bath.

Now I understand why the oldest girls in families start "helping" so early. Mamas need the help! At least this mama does. And Lily is thrilled to death to be helping. Every day she wants to feed Reagan. So far, she can't wait to be a wife and mother which means I must be doing something right, even if it's by accident. She already has a husband picked out. That was after we told her that she could only marry someone who was a boy and not already in our family. (Darcy, Daddy, Uncles Lonnie and Greg were the top choices.)

Here are some recent pictures.

My happy Reagan taking her bath:

In this picture, I tried to capture that both of the girls were just staring at each other. I thought it was so sweet.

At the Hokey Pokey Place

With Papa:

Actually putting our right arm in:

We love the Hokey-Pokey!


shanon said...

What beauatiful photos of the girls! You are better at me at remembering the camera.
The oldest is indespensible when it comes to helping out. My oldest being old enough to babysit is fantastic. Almost enough to make up for the fact that I will have a senior in high school and a kindergarten student at the same time. Almost.
How precious that Lily loves to help, and you are teaching her the value of helping others and making her feel worthy of trust with such a big job. Way to go mama!

The Milfords: said...

I loved all the pictures! Your girls are getting so big and they are so very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Just now playing catch up with your blog. Sam and I are on WW, too and I am having a miserable time. I'm gaining weight despite being strict because of some medication that I am on. That is so defeating!
I LOVED seeing the girls! Lily looks so big. I can't believe it. Reagan's smile is infectious. I couldn't help but grin back at her.
How long of a drive is from your place to LaPorte?