Friday, March 07, 2008

Weight Loss Update

I did not go to Weight Watchers this week. It was snowing and icy and just plain yucky. I had already gone out to get the mail and that was enough going out for me. I just didn't want to drive in that mess. All that to say, I don't know how this past week actually went. It's just as well. Several nights at the Hokey Pokey place and 2 steak dinners (including a brownie sundae dessert) did not bode well for my weight loss.

Although with the first steak dinner, I did try to do well. I ordered a small steak (which I only ate half of), steamed veggies and had my salad with vinegar and oil. The second dinner, well, it didn't go so well. I ordered the same steak, but I ate all of it and the baked potato and the salad (with ranch!) and the majority of a brownie sundae. I also ate a few bites of the girls' chicken.

We have received our new elliptical and Brian has put it together. I don't like it. It is rickety and makes a ton of noise. It looks like it's about to fall apart, but it does seem to work. It's not as smooth as the one that I used at the gym. Of course, we didn't pay nearly what that one probably cost. In all honesty, I have not worked out since I became pregnant with Reagan which was nearly a year ago. Needless to say, I am way out of shape. I'm not quite back to the spot where I was when I started working out with Amy a year and a half ago. Nope. I actually managed to stay on for 1 whole minute before my thighs began screaming for me to stop the madness. This morning, I was on the elliptical for a whole five minutes and I did another five minutes this evening. It's not much, but I can only get better. I am trying to lengthen my time every time I get on. Last night, I even did some weights on the Bowflex with Brian directing me. Well, I picked out the exercises and he set them up for me. Messing with that thing is a pain in the rear. I think I like going to the gym better. When you finish with the chest flies, you just move over to the tricep pushdowns. No need to take the whole thing apart and set it up again for the next set of exercises. But at home, I can work out whenever I want and I don't have to get out in the nasty weather.

I am making progress. Next week when I go back to Weight Watchers, I know I'll have a loss. Between the exercising, the reduced daily POINTS, and staying away from the Hokey Pokey place, I think I'll be okay.

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