Monday, September 18, 2006

Oval Is A Shape

Sometimes I forget there's spiritual warfare going on around me. Today was a terrible day. The girls are sick and not much I am doing is helping. The house was a wreck...I know I covered this in an earlier post about how badly the day was going. Anyway, I didn't get dinner started in a timely manner and Brian got home later than he said he would. I was supposed to be going to Bible Study tonight (since the girls are sick) and then go to the gym. I got the green beans started and first let them boil over all over the stove and then I let them burn black while I went upstairs to help Brian get the girls up from their nap (at 6:15). As I was leaving, I gave Brian some money so he could order a pizza. It seems nothing I have touched today has gone well.

I still don't have anyone to watch Darcy while I am gone and I am very hesitant to try and find someone at this point. It would totally be a last minute thing and I would definitely not know anything about them. For a couple of hours, that would be one thing, but this would be all day for 2 days and I'm just not comfortable with that, especially with Brian working 40 minutes away. I keep thinking that I won't go to Nashville if I can't find someone to watch Darcy, but I don't think I'm going to find someone. I do have a contingency plan, but I don't want to use it.

I made it to Bible study and sat by (and talked to) a new person. Actually, she sat by (and talked to) me first. It's such a good thing that everyone is so friendly here or I'd be sitting by myself at a lot of these functions. Bible study was good...I like the girl/lady/person that leads it. It's a lot different (and shorter) than what I'm used to, and what we're learning is extremely applicable to my life right now.

I made it to the gym and a couple of things surprised me. First things first, I went for 10 minutes (almost completely non-stop) on the elliptical machine. The very first time I got on there, I could not go for more than 45 seconds. I thought my thighs were going to abandon ship. Today, I was glad to see the end of 10 minutes, but I wasn't dying to see the end. That is a completely new phenomenon. When I went to the treadmill to do the 2nd half of my cardio, I didn't even start breathing hard until the last few minutes. I kept my heart rate in the target zone, but not too far above (like last week) and I still felt fine. When I went to the weights, I did the weights that I had been doing, but this time, my muscles weren't begging me to stop. My workout was almost (dare I say) easy. And the scariest thing of all....after the Body Blast class on Saturday, I wasn't even sore. I WASN'T EVEN SORE!! Of course, we didn't do all that hopping around that we did the first 2 times, but still...I WASN'T EVEN SORE!! Tonight, when I told Brian all this, he asked me, "Do you know why that is?" He said it's because I'm in better shape now than I was 2 weeks ago. Oval, my friends, is a shape, too.


becki said...

I am so proud of you Georgia! Don't worry about the weight not coming off fast enough, just concentrate on feeling good and being strong!!! You go GIRL!!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah! I'm proud of you; I know the victory you're feeling right now. There are still a couple of machines that I dread (peck press and squats), but most of them I'm getting much better on.

Also, you know what I think about your trip? You sound like you don't really want to go. If you REALLY don't want to go, give yourself the freedom not to!

However, if you really want to go, but you're afraid, remember that God will make a way to go if that's what He wants for you. Just wait on Him, and you can wait in peace!

Luv u, girl


Pretty in Pink said...

Georgia, I'm so glad people are being friendly in your new church. I've prayed that for you.

AND GIRL!! I'm so proud of you with your workout success. How did you get motivated? PLEASE SHARE!