Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's Finally Happened...

...I've hurt myself. I've finally pulled a muscle...alongside my kneecap. I thought maybe it had torn, but Brian says that I'd be on the ground writhing about in pain so I know that's not the case. The funny part is...I wasn't even working out when that happened. I was carrying Darcy and I started feeling this shooting pain go through my knee. When I bent it to sit down, the pain was excruciating. It's a little better today. I made Brian take me to the gym to find my trainer so she could tell me what to do for it. I iced it and then last night after church, I took a muscle relaxer. I told Brian last night that I needed it to be better by today so that I could go workout. That's certainly a change from before.

After 3 months of good health, Lily has developed a cough. I don't want to be paranoid, but she almost never gets better by waiting. And I don't want her to give whatever she's got to Darcy so it's probably best to nip it in the bud now. So we'll be seeing the doctor this afternoon. Darcy has had some problem because she has been so fussy that I can't stand it. I just go into meltdown mode whenever both of them are whining, fussing and crying at the same time. And with Lily not feeling well, I am frequently at my wit's end. Actually, I think I'm doing better with coping than before we moved. Brian had a much more flexible schedule and if he wouldn't come home right when I wanted him to, I would get very mad at him. Now, I know that he's not coming home until the end of the day, barring some emergency. (I did verify that he would have come home yesterday if I'd torn something in my knee.)

I sent an email to my parents with a couple pictures of the girls. No response. I don't know what I'm expecting. I guess I'm still surprised that after everything my brother has done, they're going to disown me. My story of my family is blog all by itself.

This weekend we are going to Fort Worth for shopping. It's starting to get a little cooler and Lily doesn't have any fall/winter clothes. I need a few things, too. Tonight, we don't have anything going on so I think I'm going to make Brian his favorite dinner: skillet barbecued pot roast and all the fixings (except green bean bundles). I'm even going to make chocolate fondue for after the girls go to bed. Actually, I think that Lily would like fondue because she loves "sauce". Anything you can put on anything else is sauce. Doesn't matter if it's mayonnaise or cream cheese or queso. It's all sauce. And she "needs" it. That girl just cracks me up sometimes. And Darcy...she's something else, too. That child has no fear of anything. She loves to throw her head back or hang her head off the end of our legs. Her newest trick is giving me an ulcer. Throwing her body around in the bath tub like it's a slip-n-slide. I was in the bedroom and I kept hearing her head bounce off the side of the tub. Brian said it was like trying to hold a greased pig. And she kept hitting her head and it didn't even bother her!!! When she finally started to cry is when Brian took her out of tub so that she could be dried off. Darcy has a mind of her own, that's for sure. I'll close this with a picture of Lily practicing to be a mama....

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Pretty in Pink said...

Well God love it! She is so adorable! I'm sorry you hurt yourself. I hurt my knee in January, and I stinks.

I wanna know about that skillet meal. And just the MENTION of the green bean bundles. Well...I just need to get off my boody and make some myself!!!

I miss you!