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I am interested in the reasons that people are choosing to homeschool and the reasons they are not choosing to homeschool. I want to compare to my own thoughts.



becki said...

I am choosing not to homeschool, because I want my children to learn to deal with the world. Also, I feel the school we are in has excellent academics. After Elementary, we might have to go private school again, but public school is working for us right now. I am not opposed to homeschooling, but I just feel homeschooled children should try to have outside activities with other children. Also, I don't feel some people REALLY homeschool. I just don't see how you can homeschool with an hour or less with an older child. Please enlighten me if I am wrong. Just my opinion, don't stone me! (please)

Lindsay said...

We are choosing to homeschool b/c of the flexibility it gives us. We don't have to get up at 6:00am every morning, if we need a break day, it doesn't hurt anything, and we can be a lot more creative in the way we learn.

Regarding the time it takes, when you spend one-on-one time with a child, it's not going to take all day to get through material. I also believe that, to truly instill a love of learning, you can do less 'book work' and more life lessons - to teach them HOW to learn, instead of a bunch of facts.

I'm not against going to public/private school - we may even do that one day. But this is what works for us right now.

Anonymous said...

I would say our main reason is influence and exposure.

We want to be the influences in our children's lives, not a peer or teacher of theirs. By being their primary influence, we have a much greater chance of leading them towards Christ and once there, really having time to teach them many things that WE believe are important.

We want our kids equipped to deal with the world and its influences when they are ready. I want our children to grow into independent adults who are proud of their Christian heritage and have a practical outlook on life.

Now that we have decided to homeschool, we see many other benefits and reasons why this is what is best for our family.

I have done a 180 where homeschooling is concerned. My husband can certainly attest to that!


becki said...

This is a very interesting topic to me. I am interested in hearing Lindsay's feeling on being homeschooled as a child. Also, I would like to hear how Sarah used to feel about homeschooling and what made her change her mind.

I have to say I am not opposed to homeschooling. I even dabbled in it this summer with Kendall. I just don't think it would work with the dynamics of our family. I really enjoy hearing everyone's thoughts!!

without excuse said...

Oh my, why did I have to see this? I have so much to do this morning. Well, here it is. We have homeschool for 2 full years and this is our 3rd year. We have 2 of school age and 2 (1 on way) not 'school age'. It is hard, moreso on my wife than me, but that is due to my shortfalls in management of the home and school to help her.

So, why do we homeschool - So saith the Lord - that's why.

I know I will get backlash from this, but think about some things and meditate on some scriptures.

First of the the Shema, Deut 6:6-9. God is not instructing Moses to set up the government schools for the desert wandering parents so they can have their own agenda, parents, fathers, mothers are to instruct or train their children.

That is an important point, there is a difference between training / instruction and education. I will get to that later.

Also, there is a plethora in Proverbs, which, while they are not commandments for us, they represent Godly wisdom and we should heed their call in whichever area of our lives they apply.

Now, Eph 6:4 - Fathers - do this. The command is to fathers, not parents. Go back to the beginning of 1 Samuel, Eli was in hot water why? Because he did not constrain his sons. That was his job and he failed.

Another line of reasoning is evil. We have forgotten that we are at war. We, as the seed of the woman (Eve) are at war with those things represented as the seed of the devil. Satan is the prince of this world, and John, through the Holy Spirit says that having friendship with the world puts us at enmity with God. There is no neutral ground. Government schools are not neutral, they are of the prince of this world.

Few biblical directives have ever been clearer to me. It is not simply that they are unsafe, immoral, and suck our wallets dry. They are a religeon. That is the religeon of Satan himself. I am not suggesting that they laud him or his foul works. I am saying that when they do not proclaim the Lordship of Christ openly and publicly, in their attempt to present the neutral worldview,they present the Satanic worldview.

There are other issues many others claim, violence, evolution, condoms, etc. But, it is a direct abdication of our roles as parents to send our kids to the government, or private for that matter, school. God is renting them to us, we are stewards of them until they get married, when their spouse is cleaved unto them. Because we cannot pursue our personal peace and affuluence, the things for us, when we homeschool, we show Jesus gratitute for His sacrifice. Jesus - You die for me, a horrible, hell bound sinner, deserving of no grace or mercy and have meritted nothing. Let's face it, we all deserve hell in all of its fury.

But, God has entrusted us with blessings, we cannot simply shove them off to the meatgrinding thorn encrusted soil of the government school, burying our talents in that fallow soil, we must raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Anther point I need to make is that government is not in the business of education. Government was established in Gen 9, where God said for man to deal with man. Government in our present day exists for 1 purpose, to wield the sword when man commits crimes and injustices against other men. Goverment is not supposed to take care of the elderly, nor educate our children, nor provide assistance for people who do not work, nor establish currency, etc. It is a foul world we live in, so I know the normal response to that line of reasoning is - well, if they don't do it, no one will. Is that true? If my mother in law becomes unable to care for herself, she will live with us. If my children need to learn something, we will teach them, if my neighbor is disabled and cannot work, myself and others should bear the burden. This is Christ's Church for crying out loud! We are to be of one accord, we will be known by our love for one another.

Although I could go on and on, I won't right now, since you all need the badwidth freed up to contact blogspot to get me thrown off the 'air'. I do not know how many or what ages your kids are, but the next time you look at that child or children, remember that as much as we cannot take grass and turn it into milk, you and your husband cannot create a living soul, you cannot take a cut finger and heal it, you cannot grow corn. We all push very small buttons, God pushes the big ones. He did not give you those blessings for you to send to Ceasar for his worldview. God did not say render unto Ceasar that which is God's. I pray that this has been informative, homeschooling is a chore at times, hard on the wives, and at times seems like the worst thing in the world, but I know in my heart that God wouldn't have it any other way.

As for socialization, my kids are socialized. They are socialize with other adults, thier siblings, other kids other ages. Socialization is not chunking your 4th grader in with 24 other kids - just like them! Anyway, the socialization excuse is one of the worst ones, and I simply cannot spend another minute on it. May God bless you and yours and the Spirit guide your decisions.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this topic is causing a lot of comments! I guess I will add my 2 cents. The first and foremost reason I homeschool is because I truly believe that's God's will. It is difficult at times having your children home all day every day (no lunch dates, shopping, etc.) but I can say without a doubt that it is an incredible blessing. I have an 11, 7, 3, 1 year old (and another on the way)- it warms my heart to see them interact with each other on a daily basis, something they wouldn't get to do if they attended public/private school. Other middle school kids are going to dances and crying over break ups - my daughter is learning to manage the household, changing diapers and playing with her brothers - praise the Lord! We chose to shelter our children until we feel they are prepared and ready, spiritually and emotionally to deal with the outside world. Children are not spiritually mature enough to deal with temptations and pressures! If you think you can't teach your own children, or that your personalities clash, or you have to work for financial reasons etc. I have good news - God's grace is sufficient! Pray about it, move to a smaller house (we did), sell a car,etc. There is no bigger blessing than raising your own children and knowing that you/husband are feeding them spiritually and influencing them in the ways you choose to. There is no greater joy.....Cathy

Lindsay said...


I have to say, I agree with much of what is being said. However, my main disagreement is with the premise that it is God's will for EVERYONE to homeschool.

That said, it is God's will that parents be completely in charge of their children's instruction and training. But I believe that parents can still be in charge of what their children learn, even if they are going to public/private school.

My parents were great examples of this. They looked through every textbook, lessons plan, etc. that I ever studied. They even worked with the principals of my school when the school was teaching evolution for me to learn the information - but on THEIR terms, not the teachers. As a result, I passed the test on evolution with higher grades than any of my classmates, but came away with an even stronger belief in creation than before.

This is just one example. I believe parents should be supported and strengthened to be in charge of their kids' eduction - no matter how they choose to educate them. If they are equipped to do this, then they can use the tools that God has provided (namely, other programs or people who care about their children) in order to accomplish theirs (and God's) goals for their children.

I'm not opposed to public/private schools, or homeschooling - I just don't want to have a cookie cutter, "everyone should do this"-type approach.

becki said...

I completely agree with Lindsay on this! Not everyone is called to homeschool. I can't say that I want my daughter to stay home and learn to be a mom at such a young age. I want her to enjoy being a child. That doesn't mean I want her to be into Britney Spears or whatever junk is out there. I think you can still control what your child listens to and discuss it with your child. I think the main thing is to be active in your child's life, homeschooled or not. I do think that most of the homeschool moms I know are super, but I think when people get righteous about what they choose to do and try to force others to do the same is wrong and pushes people away. I am glad that it works for you, but I'm not getting that call!

p.s. I love you Lindsay!!!!

without excuse said...

Well, I sense some dissent. Well let me clarify. We have 3 choices that I know of for 'education' of our children: (1) government school - yes, the "free" one (2) private school and (3) home school. 2 and 3 are the same as per Texas laws, as homeschools are considered private schools. So. Can you at least agree that God would prefer at least one of them over the other two? I never get from scripture that He is neutral about anything. We are obligated to submit to governing authorities, so we must choose, as Joshua, this day, whom we will serve. If we choose (2) then stewardship becomes an issue. As homeschoolers, we are not allowed a break from taxes, neither are private school parents. So would God look favorably on 400-500 a month for that, when you could sponsor 10-15 children a month in remote africa? As for public education, I have stated my not so humble opinion on that. Read Psalm 1:1-3 and see if that meshes with what they are and are not taught in government schools. Look, I am basically a saved by grave only, sinner, and an idiot to boot, compared to Jesus Christ, the smartest man who ever walked the earth. Jesus said to his disciples that whoever would not hear them nor receive them to shake off the dust of their feet as a testimony to them. I do not want government schools to institute christian values, nor pray, nor keep God in the pledge, I do what them to get out of the business of education, something not provided for in the bible. Don't listen to me! I have nothing to say, read scripture. Let it speak to your heart. Be ye not conformed to the ways of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. We will never get a minute back that we do not spend with our kids. My high school roommate recently told me that he and his wife are expecting. He and his wife live in NYC and pull down at least 500k between them, probably much more. After his wife's time off, the baby will go to his or her parents rather than day care. But, assuming the work 40 hour weeks (they do much more than that) this child's mother will have missed:
12480 irreplaceable hours by age 6, or 520 days, or 1.4 years
37440 hours, 1560 days, 4.3 years by the time they are 18.

Don't get me wrong, my wife would disown me if she thought I was suggesting that we spend every waking hour with our kids, but these numbers are staggering to me.

I think that biblically, the nature and personality of God, what He stands for, what He stands against, says to all of us that we must be more and more active in the training of our children.

You must (original poster) look beyond education. I feel certain God never saith, boy, if little Timmy just knew more about algebra, or the difference between force and mass, I would have been able to let him into heaven. Works do nothing for our salvation, but it is easier to give hundreds and thousands of dollars to churches and charitable organizations, but it is difficult to devote time and energy into the most precious of God's gifts and creations, our kids.
Every day I am not praising my wife at the gates, I am sinning. I could not do what she does. While she has several teaching degrees, I think most times this works against us rather than to our advantage. But, she is giving up her 'life' so that she might find it, in her children. She cannot go and get massages, she cannot go to lunch with the girls. Many times she cannot get dressed, eat or use the bathroom! But, in the end, it is worth it.

John asks a pointed question in 1 John 2:22 - Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.

It is expressedly forbidden to preach or proclaim the name of Jesus in school these days. There is no neutral, we are sheep or goats, wheat or tares, left hand or right hand, narrow way or broad, in Christ or in Satan. The schools are not neutral, they are not ordained by God, as the institution of the government was. But what was the first institution that God ordained? The family, God brought all of the animals to Adam so that he might find a helpmeet. He did not find one. So, rather than bugs and cows for Adam to marry, God formed a perfect helper for him, Eve, flesh of his flesh bone of his bone. God made the man and woman ideally suited to procreate and bring up children, from before the foundations of the earth were laid. So, as for the thread that not everyone should homeschool, YES, everyone should. God would not have given you a child if you were not suited. You are this child's mother and father. Would you say that not everyone is suited to potty train them? to cook food for their consumption? to protect them from danger? why is educating them different? i think that it is more than it is simply harder,it is culturally ingrained into us - time to send my children on the big yellow dinosaur, give them over to the state, they are 6 today! Sunday school is the same thing. Fathers are explicitly responsible for their children's spiritual training, no one else. This is somewhere I have failed miserably and am trying to drag myself out of the slough of despond. Well, hopefully this has been something to think about. I realize that it comes across forceful and demanding, arrogant, but my true intent is to make people realize that this is the only biblical solution to the mandates our government places on us, which we must obey, as long as it does not cause us to sin.

becki said...

I appreciate your point of view. I personally feel my children's needs would not be best served by my teaching them. Your wife has many degrees in teaching and is very comfortable with it. I am not. That is not my gift. I do think that algebra and a serious education are valuable, how else would you have become an engineer to provide for your family? I can see where you are coming from and I think your wife is doing an excellent job with your children and I applaude you for sticking up for your decision.

Anonymous said...

Well at least we can all agree to disagree:) As you can tell I am passionate about homeschooling and while I would certainly never make anyone feel guilty/inferior over not choosing to do it, I do always try to encourage/inform/and provide resources for anyone who will hold still to listen! Actually,I consider my degree a detriment to homeschooling. Becki, you and everyone else are completely qualified:) no one else can kiss a boo-boo, fix lunch, correct with love etc. like a mom/dad can. Academics really aren't that important. We are praying that our boys will learn as much life skills/hands on things while at home to be able to work for themselves (college is overrated and very liberal - different conversation altogether). As for our daughters, as crazy as it sounds, we want nothing more than for them to aspire to be a helpmeet to their husband and have all the blessings (children) that God wishes to give them. In our world that is very strange but it is biblical. I have had to take a long hard look lately at my attitude/purpose. I am not inferior to any man BUT I was not created to be a man - i was created to be a keeper at home. It is very freeing to realize that I don't have to earn a living in the corporate world, make all the decisions etc.that is my husbands job (again i would never put down any women who do). It is time for America to return to biblcal roles ( a pipe dream I know). Anyway, if anyone would like any info/further discussion on this please realize that our hearts and home are always open. I have tons of resources and would love to help anyone who's interested! You'd be amazed how kids will give up social activities, peers, school etc. to just have mom and dad! Cathy

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on the blogs. I know I still need to write a "catch ya up on recent events" email and I will soon but, for now, just a note.
I came off of the boat sick and then got back to work so I still feel like I am playing catch up.
I'll write you soon.

Brian (Mr. ongeorgia'smind) said...

If I may, I would caution those of you who feel strongly one way or the other about homeschooling. While I tend to agree with most, if not all, of the pro arguments, there is a very real danger you are flirting with. I'm talking about regarding your preferences as law. I say this, in all honesty, as a frequent victim of it. That is none other than pride. Please realize that not everyone is called by the Spirit to do the same things. All belivers should bear the fruit of the Spirit, but not all have the same gifts of the Spirit. For example, if Becki does not feel called to homeschool, because I know she does feel called to another ministry ('tho I don't know what that is), her obedience to ,that calling is what God is expecting; to do otherwise would not be the success that most of you seem to think it would be. Like a guy in my discipleship class said today : Don't open other people's mail. If we were all hands, the Body couldn't see or speak. If all eyes, the Body couldn't hear. I know how hard it is -- boy, do I! -- to reign yourself in when you see something as plain as day in God's plan for your life; but we all have to bear in mind that is God's plan for your life, not necessarily anyone else's. One person being called to homeschool, and another one not, is no different than one person being called to the ministry and another one not. Are any of us less blessed of God because we are ministering to our families before the families of others? Of course not. God expects and rewards obedience, not to the expectations or preferences of others, but to His direction. So again, I urge you to, as Christ, offer no condemnation for your brothers and sisters who answer their own calling, even when it's different from yours.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a discussion! Enough to motivate me to get off my bottom and write my first post to my own blog:

Homeschooling comments here:


Lindsay said...


Thanks for your amazing comments. You summed up exactly what I was thinking!

Anonymous said...

Um, yes Brian, you will be less blessed if you put others before your own family. God did not call you, as a father, to sacrifice your children for the sake of the others. Have you not gained that from all of our talks over the years?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Becki, it is amazing how little time it really takes to teach academics, but for older children it typically takes them several hours each day for school, at least the ones I know. But for preschool and young elementary a couple hours is all it takes for instruction - they may need more to complete their assignments. A major reason for our decision was when we saw how much time was wasted in a school setting because the teachers have to teach to all which means doing things over and over and over. When you are teaching one on one you know when that child has mastered a concept and you can tell when they require review. Homeschooling is not for all but one can not assume that a child is lacking educationally because 8 hours a day is not spent on what looks like education. Still, the character training is the biggest part of homeschooling, at least from the ones I know and respect. I can't imagine how hard I would have to work to undo what my kids would "learn" about character in the schools around here. I've heard stories from the elementaries. I don't want my kids to learn that from anyone but me. I will teach them God's way, not the world's way.

JLP said...

That's what's great about America. Those who want to decide to homeschool, can. Those who decide on public or private school, can.

JLP said...

Besides, I donts thinks I wood bee to gud at teachin muh kids learnen 'n' stuff.

without excuse said...

Also remember that we fathers are 100% responsible for failures, even when we are not there. This includes whatever mode of education there is. Modern culture has covered us with the filth of distorted familial roles. Regardless of how we are like Al Bundy, God will still hold Al Bundy totally responsible for how his kids turn out. Take a look at Eli.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I leave the country and come home to THIS! My heart is racing . . . I know all of the pro-public school points - I used to spout them myself (light in the world, deal with the real world, "socialization," . . . the list goes on). For me, it is as simple as "God changed my heart." Does that mean He's going to change everyone who seeks Him on this issue? - I honestly don't know. Georgia, you knew me when my motto was "Carrie Hebert's flesh does not cry out, 'I WANT to homeschool.'" Now, I have to admit, I am actually excited about it! As far as our "reasons," there is not just one, but all the reasons (too many to list here) put together are hard for us to ignore. Our thinking was this: What are our goals? What type of adults do we want to send out into this world, and how can we best do that? No matter what goal we explored (we looked at about 4), homeschooling came up the best option. As far as the "light in the darkness" arguement (remember - I once held this belief), Scott and I believe that if we cultivate their "light" early on, they will have a brighter light when we send them into the world. Also, we would not send Ethan to Africa by himself next year (at 5) to be a missionary, but we might would take him WITH US to Mexico or an inner-city area of Houston when he's 11, let him go with a group of godly people when he's 17, etc. I'm sure you get my point. Well, this is why I don't have a blog . . . because I'm worried I'll lose friends over the issues I actually care about. Okay, I'm going to send it now before I chicken-out! Carrie

Pretty in Pink said...

Well, I only found out about this topic today, and I hope you don't mind me reopening the issue, Georgia. But I just wanted to say what's on my mind, too.

Quote (Brian):
God expects and rewards obedience, not to the expectations or preferences of others, but to His direction. So again, I urge you to, as Christ, offer no condemnation for your brothers and sisters who answer their own calling, even when it's different from yours.

Exactly!!!! Well said.

We plan on homeschooling our children for most of the same reasons listed by everyone here.

That said, I honestly can't understand some of the comments made on this thread. If the purpose of homeschooling your children is to teach them the ways of Christ, then why do you use words that are so demeaning, condemning and unkind?

Why would you want another Christian to follow YOUR path instead of the path God places before them?

I worry that, as Christians (myself included), we get so excited and caught up in issues we truly believe in (like homeschooling) that we forget that WE are not the Creator. WE are not the Spirit. WE are not the Word of God. WE are not the ones who speak to the hearts of and create the paths for our fellow Christians.

I am a VERY strong proponent of homeschooling, but I hope that I never get to the point where I use my God-given knowledge on the subject to talk down to others. That is not my place nor will it ever be my place.

Nor is it yours.

Thank you for letting me leave my input as well Georgia. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to say the reason I choose not to homeschool has nothing to do with faith. I am a faithful person, although I do not go by the constraints of Christianity, or Catholism. I also want to direct a question to all of you who say that God says "all children must be home schooled". Isn't this just another way of spouting off the retoric that we say we are tired of our kids hearing at school? Public school is free, yes, and I believe the best option for my family AT THIS POINT. That is to say that I might change my mind sometime in the future, but my son, with me going to college full time working part time and being a single (yes I said single, folks) parent makes home schooling difficult if not impossible to achieve at best. Secondly, I don't have the money for private schooling or home schooling. Does this mean that I am going against Gods word? I think not. He loves us all the same, regaurdless of whether or not we choose to educate or home school our children. If you think that a child can get a better education at home, home school. If not, send them to private or public school.
Just a side note, but my son will not be a recluse shut away in the house with me all the time. I have much more pressing things to do than to cater to his every whim day and night. I have homework, work, and other pressing needs of running the household daily to attend to. He is not feeling left out. We still have plenty of time to play and be together without him being home all day long. Good luck to you people who think that it's God's will to always homeschool your children. Point me to a specific place in the Bible that says that public school (the New Testament) is for heathens or sinners or whatever it is you think those of us who don't home school. Thank you kindly and Bless you.