Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid-Way Through May

Last weekend with Auntie Jo was great, even though I was completely unprepared.

Recital portraits were taken, for the most part. (A couple of costume snafus...will still have to do one set of retakes, after the recital.) The experience wasn't so terrible that I'm giving up on dance, and I know my girls are pleased. Of course, they may not have known their dance futures were in jeopardy. Reagan isn't in the recital, and going to the dance studio and not allowing her to go in, well, she just dissolved into a bawling fit. Broke Brian's heart. Made Mama sad, too. Guess we won't be leaving her out of recitals again.

Darcy didn't make it to her soccer game, but Brian and the kids (less Lily) did make it in time to deliver snacks. Yea, Darcy's Dad! Those kids play for snacks, for sure. I was at home, trying to inhale lunch and get Lily ready for her portraits. Good grief that girl has a lot of hair! There were a lot less girls in the afternoon and Lily had fewer costumes. With impeccable timing, Auntie Jo didn't arrive until after Lily was done and we were on our way home. To Lily's great delight, she didn't have to take a nap as we went to pick up Auntie Jo at her fabulous B&B and then on to the grocery store to pick up some drinks and snacks.

Brian and I got a break after dinner when Auntie Jo bathed all the girls and put them to bed. *sigh* How can someone without kids be so amazing with them? On Sunday, she took them to McDonalds while Brian and I went to the grocery store. As I put the groceries away, I actually allowed her to sweep the kitchen. For some reason, it'd didn't feel as bad as I thought it would. Girls took a late nap because we were planning on a late dinner in Fort Worth. Then she left on Monday after a leisurely lunch at a new place here in town. I didn't cook a single thing all weekend.

This past weekend was the first weekend that we didn't have something planned. Soccer season is over; the outage is over. It was really nice to not have anything planned on Saturday. Well, I had something planned on Saturday. Although, to hear the details of that adventure, you're gonna have to check the other blog....

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shanon said...

I need an Auntie Jo. Seriously. I don't know who else caught it, but I know how huge it was to not feel terrible about her sweeping your floor. Yay you! And she doesn't have her own children so that she can show infinite patience and love to yours. If she had her own, she'd have none left. And let's hear it for Saturdays with nothing planned! I haven't seen one of those in ages. Something about softball....