Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wasting Time....

Tomorrow starts an incredibly busy weekend for me. My dear friend who I recently went to visit is coming to visit us and I really should be fumigating, scouring, chiseling, hanging up pictures, etc., etc. Visiting her home is a visit to an oasis where it is quiet, peaceful and clean. She always has a drink at the ready and there is no schedule or demands.

Here, it is quite different. I know she's not coming for peace and order. She has that in droves at her beautiful home with the perfectly landscaped yard and the sparkling pool. Here, we thrive, or at least work with our version of carefully controlled chaos. Saturday will find us with recital dance portraits with 2 girls, with hair and makeup to do, and 5 costume changes between the 2 of them. Oh, and Darcy has a soccer game right smack in the middle. It is the last game of the season and we are on snack patrol. Nothing at all calming or relaxing about this day.

Tomorrow is Moms and Muffins or some such thing at Lily's school and then begins my first training session for my Ombudsman program. You know, the volunteer role I am undertaking to insure the local nursing homed elderly aren't exploited. I am really looking forward to it. It's going to be 15 hours of training and then about 15 hours of interning and then I will be in an official capacity.

Tomorrow night, I am teaching my scrapbooking group and I am thrilled to report that the layout is prepared, the card samples are prepared and the kits are prepared. I am actually prepared ahead of time. And I do mean the traditionally accepted definition of the word prepared. This is unusual, but predictably, it is liberating. I may try to be prepared again some time in the future for some other thing.

I hate that my distance/training widget has a big fat zero on it! I really did start my training back in January, and I loved getting my mojo on. I was feeling empowered. Healthy. On a track to be fabulous. Then I got sick. And sick again. Then the kids got sick. And were in the hospital. Then we were sick again. So of course, I stopped going to the gym. Of course, I did. And I haven't been back. But now, I've got my new blog started, my participant page is up and ready, and I am six months out. Training has to begin now so that I don't die.

I have a mini-mileage widget on this blog but on my Adventure blog, I'll actually be chronicling my journey. I'm getting excited...

But I really should be getting prepared for the weekend. I have no idea about making up little girls. The Little People have been running the house today so it's probably time for me to take back the reins. I need a trip to the grocery store and a trip to the gym so that silly tracker can stop with the big fat zero. As crazy as it's going to be, I'm ready for the weekend to start.

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shanon said...

It is inspiring and refreshing to see you so ready to go and conquer your giants. The controlled chaos is crazy and often overwhelming, but the attitude you're facing it with is fantastic. I know it may not last, and it's hard when you're in the trenches, but you go get 'em, girl. I'm so happy for you.