Thursday, August 31, 2006

This & That

It's 10am in the morning and I'm still sitting around in my pajamas. Except pajamas indicates pants of some kind, doesn't it? I don't think FlyLady would approve. I definitely don't have my shoes on...and hair and make-up done? That's some sort of girly fantasy. My bed is not made and I haven't swished or swiped anything. I hope the maintenace man doesn't decide to stop by...he'll get a big surprise if he does. For some reason, I cannot get my life organized here. I manage to look pulled together by the time Brian gets here, but only just. The girls are pretty much on a schedule/routine, but I can't seem to put myself on one. I've been doing okay in keeping the house picked up, but here, it's an absolute necessity. Taking care of myself, well, that's just another thing all together.

I have spent the whole morning on the phone with a collection agency and our insurance company. It was not pretty. The good thing is that the insurance company and I are on the same page. The bad thing is that it's not the same page as the collection agency. When I reviewed the Statement of Benefits, I realized why I haven't paid the bill. The bill we got from the hospital (and subsequently, the collection agency) and what the insurance company is saying we owe, aren't the same thing. In fact, it's about $100 off. Except I've already gone ahead and paid the bill sent by the collection agency. In addition, we received a nasty gram from the collection agency some time back for $6 that we owed for Lily at some point in the distant past. I never received a bill for that, blah, blah, blah, but I went ahead and mailed a payment to the collection agency for $6.00. Except apparenly, this account has been passed on...

This story sounded much more interesting in my head....

We went to church last night. Their Fellowship Suppers last from 5:30pm until church starts at 7:00pm. That was really nice. The food was really good with huge portions and it was cheap...$2/a plate. One of the things that I liked was that the pastor told the entire church on Sunday that the ladies that did the cooking and meal prep did not need to be doing the cleaning up. The deacons and men needed to set an example and help clean up. And Brian did. The more that we go, the more that I like it there. Brian still wants to visit other churches, but somehow that seems wrong to me. We would definitely be challenged here and I think that we need that.

Brian and I are getting new cell phones. Brian's brother works for T-Mobile in Plano and he is getting us great deals. Brian is getting a free Blackberry and I am getting a pink Razr. Brian laughs at me because he knows that I hate pink. Now before anyone gets their hackles up wondering how anyone in the world could possibly hate's just not me. That's for girly-girls and I am definitely not a girly-girl. But I like things that are different and how many cell phones do you see around that are pink? With the free phones, it's either pink or silver and I just don't want something that everyone else has.

Yuck! I just had to kill a cricket in front of Lily and not act like I was totally creeped out. I have an unhealthy, irrational fear of grasshoppers (not like the pickle girl on the Maury show...which, by the way was on this week!), but enough that screaming and flailing will occur if I see one. And in my opinion, crickets are closely related. It's enough that I'm completely neurotic...I don't really want to pass that on to my girls!


Henchatter said...

Don't pressure yourself, When it needs to get done,it will. Since Brian helped clean up at church...Kudo's to him.

That sounds like a Wonderful church,I am glad you are getting out there,despite being new to the area. Your such a wonderful person,also I miss your Tell it like it is....humor too...keep in touch...kari

Lindsay said...

I'm in the same flylady boat. Right now is a down-time. It's okay except for the kids' schooling isn't getting done this week. One thing after another has happened to prevent it. Well, maybe today will be different...but not if I don't get off the computer!

Miss you, girl, and keep on writing.