Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Out of Place

Yesterday evening, I drove to Fort Worth to see how long it would take, if I were going to class. I was hoping to do what I do, which is scope out where I'm supposed to go, ahead of time. Driving (or walking) around looking for where I'm supposed to be when I have time constraints causes me much anxiety.

It was cold, the wind was blowing and I was not dressed to be walking around outside with the sun down. I went into the bookstore to get out of the wind and because it was the only place that was open.

I felt every.second of my nearly 34 years. Walking around buildings that all look the same, identified only by initials and limited maps available to decipher made me realize I may be woefully out of my depth. And at a junior college! That was not a good feeling.

I remember my first foray into college. I was a Sam Houston State University Bearkat. Eat 'em up, 'Kats! I wasn't very successful while I was there. I was your standard issue Finally-Away-From-Home-Lose-Her-Mind college student. I knew a guy there everyone called "Grandpa". He was the oldest guy there. He was only 30...

Yesterday, I felt every bit the mother of 4 children.

Then I got home and thought I'd check my campus email, and realized in addition to submitting my transcripts, I also have to submit a Transcript Evaluation Request. And in January, evaluating my transcripts will take 6-8 weeks. Oh, and my grant may be cancelled if it's not done. And the email was sent December 7. Good grief.

A phone call this morning put my mind at ease, mostly. But then I was told I needed to submit my high school transcript and proof of graduation...they really care about that?

College is a young man's game, for sure.


Oilfield Trash said...

I can remember when you left home for Sam. Those were for sure young woman glad to be away from momma times.

And take a deep breath, it will be ok and you will do fine.

Butterkup Beverly said...

Peaches- Where are you going? I work at DeVry University (in Austin) and you would be in the majority here. Our high school population is way out numbered by working adults and moms who are coming back to school to finish up. Let me know if you need any advice on jumping through those hoops. :)

Anonymous said...

Just dive in and swim... soon you won't even feel the water.

Unckle G

Shanon said...

I am certain you can do anything you put your mind to. ANYTHING. Have no fear, sister. You are my hero.