Monday, January 31, 2011

I Hate January

And I'm not that big a fan of February, either.

I probably owe a Life Update since that last sad, pathetic post.
  • Friends helped out by bringing meals for 10 days leaving me room to breathe.
  • Joshua's bronchoscopy procedure went well. There is nothing structurally wrong with his respiratory system and the bacterial infection found in his lungs was on its way out and no treatment was necessary. Reflux was not affecting his respiratory function.
  • Brian's mom came and stayed for a week while he was gone to Ohio, "just in case". I wouldn't have asked her myself, but Brian felt it was necessary for her to come, and I was grateful that she did.
  • No children needed emergency room or physician services during that week. In fact, I would almost say that after getting rid of the cat, Reagan and Joshua were well. Of course, they're not well now, but hey, take what you can get.
  • We take possession of the new house on Thursday.
  • I did not start school.
After trying for a year and a half to buy this house, we have finally given up. The bank and their attorneys did not want to work with us until we had already found a new place. They chose, instead, to sue us. Thankfully, a dear friend helped to navigate the paperwork and file an answer that made them take notice of us. Today, we were supposed to have our jury trial, but came to an "Agreed Judgment" yesterday with the Plaintiffs. Maybe we can get this house for a song in 18 months. Of course, by then, it'll be a falling down shack and we won't even want it.

Now packing must commence. We are moving from 2200 square feet, 4 bedrooms into 1200 square feet, 3 bedrooms. Some things are gonna have to go. I mean, where am I going to put my scrapbooking supplies? My fabric?

And then to do it all in the freezing cold and sleet and snow? There is no justice.

I'm sure it will all work out. It usually does. Of course, I may have an ulcer before it's all said and done.


Oilfield Trash said...

Georgia, I am still saying some prayers for you.

Georgia said...

Thanks, J. That means a lot to me.

Whitney said...

PLEASE let us know if we can help you guys move...or with anything else! Were here if you need us and we'd be glad to help out! Praying for endurance and peace :)