Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slow News Days

I've been having a slew of slow news days. Or else I am just uninspired.

Running here, there and yonder has left me tired.

Listening to my children alternately scream, wheeze, sneeze, cough and argue with each other has left me very tired.

Knowing that Brian is going to be home full-time for a while now, that I like. But I'm still tired.

I did attend Session 3 of the Love and Logic class. Now only if Brian and I could get it together to attend one of the 6 at the same time. Probably too much to ask. Although, implementing today's lesson could go a long way in ending some power struggles with some of my more strong-willed children: giving choices. As a general rule, I don't like putting the smack-down on the kids. I like it much better when we can all get along. I like it when I ask them to do something, and basically, they do it. That doesn't happen all the time. But giving choices, that makes them responsible for things, instead of me. And I like that.

I'm a fan of people being responsible for themselves. I think that's why I feel guilty about every little thing. I take responsibility for stuff that doesn't even concern me. That's probably just as bad as the people who refuse to accept responsibility. They're being enabled by someone like me. I want my children to learn at an early age that it's important to do your very best at whatever you do and to accept responsibility for whatever you do. It's a hard lesson and I'm not a good teacher.

In other news, I hope to finish 3 quilts by October 1 to send to the quilter. One of them has not even been started. I'll probably have a week to bind them all before Christmas. I think it can be done.

A smart person would have gone to bed about an hour ago...


Anonymous said...

Girl, you amaze me. Quilting...Love and Logic classes...BSF...Parenting 4..."Wife-ing" for others...How do you even do all that? Really, you do amaze me. I'm completely impressed.


Georgia said...

Don't be too impressed. I don't do any of them very well.