Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She Who Must Be Obeyed

I am rockin' it.

I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. It's hard to tell people with a straight face that I don't "do" kids. That I am not a kid person. They roll their eyes to the heavens and sigh with disbelief that a woman who birthed 4 children in 5 years could not be a kid person. But it's true. I am actually a person who loves volunteering with nursing home residents.

Even though I am not a kid person, I'm rockin' it.

Yesterday, I took all 4 kids to Chick-Fil-A. By myself. And not through the drive-thru like I normally might. (And only if I were already forced to go out for another reason.) I went to Chick-Fil-A. On purpose. In fact, I had an invitation to go there. Someone actually called me up in the middle of the day, and asked me to do something. And for once, I thought, "What the hell? I can do that." So I did. There were friends there to help. But I also know a little secret. I could have handled it alone. I totally rocked lunch at Chick-Fil-A yesterday.

I am da bomb diggity.

Brian is already gone for a few days. There are many things on the agenda coming up while he is gone. Someone is going to have to rock it if it's going to be done. I just so happen to be in the rockin' business.

Tonight was a skating party for our Awana signup. I really did try to find a babysitter. I wondered how I would monitor my skaters and my Little People Not Skating. I wondered if I would be able to get the stroller in through the door! Oh, I really tried to find a babysitter. I knew that would solve my problem. But guess who rocked it? Three little skaters all falling down, probably all concussed, but I actually had things well under control. Well, except an out of control skater who was making mincemeat out of my flip-flop clad feet. (There is definitely some skin missing from my big toe.) And now, all Little People are in bed.

Tomorrow is Meet The Teacher night. I was hoping for a babysitter, but only could get one for a few hours in the afternoon. Can't rock my kids at the nursing home. Think of the stir that would cause. People might view me as a real person instead of the Shower Room Nazi. Can't have that. But I'm rocking the Teacher Night. After that, I'm going to brave some shopping in Fort Worth. With my kids. May even Rock.Out.Pei Wei. I am not scared.

Friday is another Meet the Teacher date for preschool, and I'm ready. Then more shopping and scrapbooking later at my house where I am going to be awesome. Because of all places, I can rock it at home. Saturday, I'm going to meet Brian at the outlet mall and finish up our shopping.

You may refer to me as She Who Must Be Obeyed.


shanon said...

I am in awe. You've found your voice and your rhythm and you are rockin' it. I'm so happy for you. Things only get easier from here. At least in the getting your act together and getting them out the door. Other things, well, we'll just not discuss until they happen. :) You go, sista! I love your title. I think I'm going to go with The Queen of Awesome. Long live the queen!

brian said...

Of course you rock!

Why do you think I married you?


Georgia said...

I totally LOVE those text kisses!

Carrie said...

Georgia! Good for you!

I must admit, I wouldn't have gone to the skating rink ... and I only have three kids! ;)

You are a talented writer ... don't stop blogging!!!

McDowell Family said...

You crack me up! Your personality hasn't changed a bit since French class in high school! I would love to see you in action...rocking it!

Lindsay said...

That's awesome, Georgia! I'm so glad for you. Maybe that means I WILL actually be out to get Out Of The House one day soon...

Tricia said...

Wow, you went to the skating party? You are awesome. The very thought of going made me suck my thumb. I'm a pansy. I did take all three to the grocery store once....with a supply of suckers in my purse. Way to venture out though. I'm proud of you. And I really like how honest you are. Hi, I'm Tricia. I don't do kids well. I only love babies and grown ups.

Wow, that was hard!

Whitney said...

Way to go Georgia! That's a lot of "braving it" for one week...pretty impressive I must say! And I like that Tricia..."I only love babies and grown ups" :) Hehe!

Jennings said...

I was sooo proud of you at the skate party (I only took one)! I must say your girls did a great job skating too. Caroline told me that Lilly fell down and some nice pretty girls helped her up:)