Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Babies

While getting dressed this morning, I was given the once-over by my oldest daughter. It always makes me uncomfortable when I see her looking me up and down because I know some question is going to come from it that I'm not going to like. This morning's embarrassing question was regarding my lack of breast pads. Why wasn't I wearing them any more? It actually started out with her wondering where the round, soft things were...

I explained that since I wasn't nursing Reagan anymore, I didn't need them.

"When are you going to have another baby?"

I reminded her Reagan is still a baby.

"But we like babies."

I assured her there were plenty of babies in this family.

"I think we should have 5 babies."

Two more babies would be a lot more work, I said.

"I could feed one and Darcy could feed one."

Is she serious? Then she reports that when she's a mama, she wants to have 5 babies also. Over breakfast, she decides she and Darcy will have their babies at the same time. Unfortunately, Darcy doesn't agree that 5 is a great number. "I want one baby and one husband," Darcy said.

I must be doing something right for Lily to think it's so glamorous to have a bunch of children.


Anonymous said...

ROFL! I think I just felt more hair turning grey. Ugh!

I understand they're doing the gender-identification thing, and that's all well and good. But could they just be adorable little girls for a while longer? Can we get them to focus on that?

Besides, I'm too young and pretty to be a grumpy ol' Paw Paw.

Anonymous said...

It's always amazing to me that my kids want more siblings! Just when I'm at my lowest, worrying that they aren't getting enough individual attention etc. they talk about babies. Carissa wants twin girls next time and the boys want -- more boys! I just shake my head and laugh. It must be nice to have that childlike faith that doesn't worry about how much it will cost, health aspects, who will care for the baby etc. and just want more babies to love. I cringe when I hear all their prayers/petitions to God for more. That's about the time I hyperventilate and have to remind myself that God knows what He's doing, He knows what He's doing, He knows what He's!

Anonymous said...

My girls freak me out when they tell me they have babies in their tummies, um, NOW. ;)

(We have pregnant friends.)

But I just go with the flow and tell them that their babies are going to be lovely and beautiful and ask them what their names are going to be. Currently, I have grandchildren on the way named Kitten and Harry-etta.


The Spa Enthusiest! said...

Ever since I have been keeping a baby"ben"

Mason asks when I am going to have another baby. I just tell him I can not have any more,because I got the 2 I am supposed to have..

Out of mouth of babes...That is free comedy..Kari

carrie said...

I know we've joked about a betrothal, so I just want to say that for a couple of years now, Ethan has said he is going to have 5 children, too! He has also made it clear that it is going to be 5 BOYS, and he already has their names and everything! They can say some funny things!

Brian said...

"Joking"?!?! Who's joking?

I want solid dowry requests! When you have daughters as close together as our girls, it's prudent o start saving early, and avoid the rush!