Monday, February 18, 2008

Weight Watchers-Weeks 1 & 2

As well as documenting my homemaking journey, I am going to be documenting my Weight Watchers journey. It's not just a quest to lose weight, although I hope that will be the eventual outcome. I want to change my family history by permanently learning how to eat correctly in order to maintain a normal weight. I've been able to maintain weight, but it's nowhere near to where it should be. I'm going to blame the weight on having had a baby recently, but the fact remains that I have already lost the baby weight. This is all me.

Brian is not actually doing the WW with me. He is doing the diet that came with the Bowflex we bought this fall. It's about a 1500 calorie/day diet. Definitely not for me. However, I was inadvertantly sabotaging his efforts by cooking the old way and the old foods. The chocolate sheet cake didn't help either.

Now, I have my online tools and about 4 cookbooks so I should be set for new and interesting dishes. The girls love the fresh vegetables and fruit that are finally becoming a staple. This way of thinking and cooking is another thing that I am having to learn in my life.

02/07/08-Week 1--I weighed in for the first time. I was not happy with the number, but I have lost 42 pounds since Reagan was born. (I feel like saying I did not gain all 42 pounds while pregnant. I only gained about 28 pounds with the baby.) I still have a long way to go. Now that I think about it, the number was 16 pounds lighter than when I started Weight Watchers after Darcy was born.

02/14/08-Week 2--I have lost 4.4 pounds this week which is pretty impressive. One night we had some friends over and I made chicken and sausage gumbo and we had boudain from Larry's from our recent visit home. Also chocolate chip cheesecake. The day I had to weigh in (Valentine's Day) I spent all day grazing on the special dinner I was making for Brian. A taste here and a taste all adds up. Thank goodness this was the start of the new week. The salad that complimented our dinner was a whopping 18.5 points per serving. Lucky for me, everything else came from my WW cookbooks.

So far this week, I have done well eating. Brian made granola bars on Saturday and I had way more than I needed. But I learned something from it. It's okay to have one or two, but they can't be left out. Everytime I walked by, I wanted one. They were right there in front of my face. Had they been put up in the refrigerator, the temptation would have been much less. I would have forgotten all about them. I'll know better for next time.

In addition, Brian and I realized that we could share an entree and still get enough to eat. Sunday, after church, we went to Chili's. The girls split the macaroni and Brian and I shared the Old Timer and fries. It was expensive, POINTS-wise, but it didn't blow my whole day. I got the craving for red meat satisified without overeating. As an added bonus, sharing an entree cuts down on our food expenses, too.

This week I have made baked ziti which the girls loved and tonight it's chicken fajita skillet which I love. Honestly, cooking with WW has improved my cooking skills and knowledge more than anything else has.

Lost this week: 4.4 pounds
Total lost: 4.4 pounds


Ruthie said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep up the great work!

Shanon said...

Wow, you're doing great! I joined WW again 3 weeks ago. I'm down about 3 lbs, but Valentine's nearly killed me. That Reese's guy should be shot, really.
I think it is all about life change, too. I actually find that I eat better when I follow WW. Not just healthier, but yummier! I am making delicious stuff instead of some quick and easy junk. I use a lot of the WW 30 minute meals cookbooks, but I LOVE that 5 ingredient magazine that they put out about 2-3 times a year! It has great simple recipes for everything from breakfast to snacks, and all the major meals. And they don't have ingredients you have to go to Timbuktu to find. Let me know if you need a quick recipe for something, and I'll send you one.
Heather joined with me, and it is such a good thing to be able to try and instill good habits and not "diet mentality" in her. I think she is getting the idea that this is not a "fix it" and go back to eating the old way. This is forever, and there is nothing you can't have. Just moderation in everything. Leads you right into a bible verse, doesn't it. Amazing how that always works out that way, huh? Love ya!

Lindsay said...

Hi, Georgia! It's been a while, but I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Just wanted to mention that the whole "they shouldn't be left out" thing works in reverse, too: I'm finding if I leave carrots out, or apples, or grapes, or a bottle of water, I will eat/drink what I'm SUPPOSED to a lot more often than if I have to go in and fix it. =)

Like I said, I've enjoyed reading. My blog address (I'm only putting pictures and family stuff up right now, but it's fun!)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see that you are doing WW! Not only does it make you healthier, it sets a wonderful precedent for those lovely girls. Great pic on the announcement by the way. Thanks for sharing!
I am going to a WW meeting on Monday. I need to blog it also. I think it will help.