Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weight Watchers-Week 3

Thursday was weigh-in day.

Of course, the day before I weigh in, we have a big night out at the "Hokey Pokey Place". That's not the real name, but it's what my girls call it because at random intervals throughout the night, they play the hokey pokey and the waitresses all line up down the middle aisle and do it. They invite the kids at their tables to join in and after the song is finished, they get a sticker that says "Hokey Pokey Super Star". Lily loves the hokey pokey. But I digress.

The problem with the hokey pokey place is that the food is so good! It's homecooking served family style. Their cream gravy tastes just like the gravy my dad made with the drippings when he fried chicken. You choose your entree and then the sides are all you can eat. Brian and I usually get the chicken strips (which we share with the girls) and then we have mashed potatoes, cream gravy (the likes of which I have never had in a restaurant), green beans and corn. Oh, let's not forget the biscuits. You can seriously hurt yourself there. I hurt myself plenty when I was pregnant. They also do fantastic desserts. The food tastes like your grandmother is back there in the kitchen cooking it all up.

So you see, it's a problem.

Regardless, however, I did manage to lose 1.8 pounds this week. I'm not going to complain because a loss is still a loss. I have a high number of POINTS to eat everyday because I'm nursing although I don't think I'm eating enough to maintain my milk supply. I have never had a problem with my milk supply with either of my older 2 girls, but now, my production has gone way down. (I sound like a factory..."Production is very high on our list of concerns at this dairy farm.")

Goals for the week: I want to drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water per day (I should be drinking 8 because I'm nursing) and to eat at least 4 servings of vegetables every day (I think I should be eating about 9). I want to try and remind myself to have a salad or some fruit instead of chips, etc., with my lunch.

Week 3 Totals:
Lost this week: 1.8 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 6.2 pounds


Shanon said...

I find that if I try to work 2 veggies in at each meal Even breakfast), I do pretty well. I add chopped spinach,mushrooms, and tomatoes to my eggs (or you can use salsa) or add a tomato to my breakfast sandwich. I know you are like me with some of those vegetables, but if you hide those suckers in stuff they're better. Way to go on 1.8. I was only 1. Carmela's is an evil place.

Georgia said...

Carmela's is an evil place. Can you believe I just made scrambled eggs for the first time this morning? How do you cook your eggs? (I feel like a total retard...)

Shanon said...

I throw the veggies in a skillet with some cooking spray and season them with salt and pepper. Aftre they are cooked until they are soft, I add either 2 scrambled eggs or 1/2 c Egg Beaters (lower points!). I just cook them until they're done and put them on a plate or one of those Mission Carb Balance tortillas (1pt). Real eggs make it a 5 pt breakfast, Egg Beaters makes it 3pts. Salsa is free, so add it if you like it! Yummo!

Georgia said...

Well, I just used the Egg Beaters for the first time this morning. That was a lot easier and seemed like it made more than 2 real eggs. Apparently, 1/2 cup of the Egg Beaters is only 1 POINT. So, with my milk (now I'm drinking 1%), I have lowered my breakfast total to 3 POINTS. Now if we could just stay away from the Hokey Pokey place...