Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Further Ranting

I'm just boiling over today, mad at the whole world:

1. This house is freezing. It's insulated terribly with gaps and crevices for the wind to blow through. Everyone dresses in layers at night and has several blankets on their bed.

2. The kitchen is always a mess. I've cleaned it up this morning, but by the time lunch is over, it'll be a mess again. At meals, I am too busy being a waitress to put anything away or even have my own lunch sitting down at the table.

3. Reagan's training cup was MIA last night. Brian and I were very perplexed because it hasn't been known to remove itself from the kitchen of its own accord. This morning I was told it was in the bathroom on the floor behind the shower. Seriously? Why? Why would someone throw a cup on the floor behind the shower where a special effort was needed to reach it?

4. All of the disasters that go on in the bathroom when 2 little girls are supposed to be using the potty and washing their hands. Like the yards of wasted toilet paper on the floor, water everywhere and wet sleeves. With 3 girls and myself, the potential toilet paper usage is huge. I think we're going to go to cloth wipes. I made a quilt. I'm sure I can sew these things together.

5. Little children who stand and scream at each other outside a napping child's room. Why? Why would they do this?

6. Little children who have a new big girl bed and refuse to remain in it without severe, repeated penalties. Her independence is not worth my sanity, is it? Three years old is old enough to be in a real bed, isn't it? THEN WHY WON'T SHE STAY IN IT? Why does she insist on pulling up the rug, and whatever else crosses her mind when she's supposed to be in it?

I'm stopping here because I'm coming up with more and more things and I'm not feeling any better about it. I feel like I'm locked into this situation and there is no escape for years and years. I know that things aren't always going to be this bad, but honestly, I can't see beyond right now. I have a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a one year old. It's going to be like this for a while.


Lindsay said...

I know this wasn't a humorous post, but this one made me laugh out loud:

"5. Little children who stand and scream at each other outside a napping child's room. Why? Why would they do this?"

I'm laughing because I deal with this EVERY DAY - and I know exactly how you feel. You're so desperate for Little Bit to stay asleep just 30 MORE MINUTES, and down the hallway they go, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Oh, and the label "complaint department" - I'm adding that one to my blog. Seriously.

I'm praying for you, girl - I know what you're feeling.

The Savage said...

Oh sweetie!! Have I ever been there (with the getting out of bed thing)... and we're getting ready to go there (kids arguing outside the baby's room) as mine are 3 1/2 & 2 with one due this week. So next year, I will be where you are now... GREAT things to look forward to--thanks for the "encouragement" ;-)

Seriously, on the nap thing-- I finally figured that for me, keeping the oldest in his bed for naptime wasn't worth the constant power struggle. IF I could "make him" stay in bed, I still couldn't make him sleep, and I didn't like the Mamma I was turning into fighting with him every afternoon... so I started letting him get back up & then putting him down 30 minutes later. Usually by then he was tired enough to stay put & sleep; if not he missed his nap for that day & got to go to bed earlier that night. *shrugs* Wouldn't work for everybody, but I decided afternoon naps weren't worth the emotional battles.

Now that I've got two napping together (and in the same big bed), we've had a whole 'nother set of challenges. They like to play together when they're supposed to be sleeping (as opposed to any other time of day when they just like to annoy the snot out of each other-LOL). So now I lay across the bottom of their bed while they settle down. Gives me a few minutes of down time, and *really* does help them settle down & stay in bed happily. Beats the heck out of standing just outside their room (waiting to catch them screwing up? how twisted is that??)screaming at them every 5 minutes to settle down and be quiet (which might be what I was doing before *whistling*). It worked for us... might not be feasible for you, dunno. But I do know (and you do too or it wouldn't be so frustrating) that if you don't like what's going on, you get to be the adult & find a new stratedy.

It is *so* hard to step back for a bit of fresh perspective--especially when you're just plum tired of it all. Hang in there!! It may be no consolation that others have been there before (because they're not coming over to help NOW) but the sun will rise again over your little orchard tomorrow morning... The verses around the often quoted Lamentations 3:22&23 are worth reading to (like 18-26). Such a lament, but such assurance in the Lord. At least HE doesn't fail!!

Georgia said...

I'm going to have to go back to separate, but equal napping situations. Oh, listen...Darcy is calling me now. Probably to tell me that she needs to go to the bathroom, when she doesn't.

The Savage said...

Calling to go pee... and then not. Yeah, we're there too. Oh wait... this interruption just in: "Hannah hit me"... she runs away whining... "Don't hit me, I hit you too!"

Where's that handy brick wall we need to beat our heads on?? ;-)

Georgia said...

Who needs a brick when there are 4 walls in every room in the house? Or my personal favorite, calling my husband at work and sharing the love with him.

The Savage said...

ROFL!! Too true. The walls aren't padded... yet. ;-)

Good idea on calling hubby. "Hey honey, guess what we're doing today?" :-D