Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I think things are getting better. I'm not sure, really. I don't feel so overwhelmed, but I don't know if I'm doing anything differently. This is Brian's last week of school for this quarter so he'll have more free time. Or at least things will be back the way I remember them.

Brian's younger brother got married this past weekend and Lily was one of the flowergirls. Everything was so nice and it made me a little sad that Brian and I eloped and didn't do any of those things. No multiple bridal showers. No bachelorette/bachelor parties. No rehearsal or intimate rehearsal dinner. No bridal portraits. No surprising the groom looking stunning; Brian cinched me into my corset. No reception. But hey, no bossy mother telling me what to do, either, which was one of the main reasons we eloped in the first place.

I am already making plans and lists for Thanksgiving, probably my favorite holiday. My main concern now is exactly what all I'm going to make for dessert, knowing we will have limited room in the refrigerator. When I was growing up, my mother put on a feast that lasted for 3 days. I almost wish I could say I'm exaggerating for humorous effect, but I'm really not. But I loved it. It worked because we had out of town guests that would arrive on Wednesday and leave on Saturday and all we would do was eat.

This is my favorite season of the year. Thanksgiving, my anniversary and Christmas all rolled into one. A close second is Easter through Mother's Day.

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