Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Trials of Potty Training

It's fairly assured that Darcy won't be wearing diapers when she gets married, right?

We are now on the 5th panty change so far today. I honestly think she's doing it on purpose because she wants to wear diapers. I can not compete with this child's will. My paitence is being tested to the outermost limit.

If she wants to wear diapers so bad, I think I'll just let her. It's certainly easier on me.


photoqueen said...

Ha! I linked to your site from Cool Dad's page...right after I was looking up ways to make (I mean, encourage) my baby sit up on her own! One of the answers said, "Have you ever heard of someone NOT sitting?"

Our babysitter and I joke a lot about, "Well, she'll be sitting by the time she goes to school!"

So, hang in there - your Darcy will learn eventually. Just like my girl will sit up eventually. :)

Ranelle said...

I feel your pain. We're potty training our youngest, and it's, lets' say, challenging. You would think by the third one I would have more realistic expectations.