Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adventures In Parenting--Taking Pictures, Part I

Before Reagan was born, I bought a fancy-pants dress for her so that she could have her picture made with her sisters. We have done this every Christmas since we started having children. As fast as Reagan is growing, much longer, and the dress wasn't going to fit. The dress was definitely too expensive to let that happen so I scheduled an appointment for Saturday at 11:15am at Sears, which is an hour away. I was so proud of myself: I had even remembered to pick up tights for everyone.

Brian and I made no plans on how to fix Lily's hair for the picture and so we were scrambling on Saturday morning. Hot rollers were out; Lily screamed that they were too hot. (They were pretty hot.) I got the curling iron out and curled all that hair, which remained curly for about 25 seconds. In the midst of playing beauty parlor, I realized that Brian and I had 45 minutes to get ready and drive somewhere that was over an hour away.

Brian rescheduled the appointment for 12:30pm. We might make it after all.

I had intended to make hair bows for the girls to match their dresses, but in the busyness of having a baby, I just didn't get to it. Darcy and Reagan had bows that would match their dresses, but Lily needed something for her hair. I knew of a children's boutique in town that would be open and would gladly charge me $10 or more for a hairbow. We stopped on our way out of town. Lucky for me, they were having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on everything in the store. I bought 2 bows. No time to look at anything else, but I'll be back before the sale is over.

We are loaded to the gills. We have brought all the girls' dresses with us, I have Reagan's diaper bag that is full of everything we could possibly need for her, another bag of hair stuff (water, comb, ponytail holders, hairspray), my purse and the bag the hairbows are in. We also brought the girls.

Finally, we are on the road...

At the halfway point, I realize that we are still going to be late. I place a call to the studio and tell them that we are having the worst time getting started this morning. Our appointment is rescheduled again to 1:30pm.

About this time, I ask Brian what Darcy is's awfully quiet back there. She's been busy...she has created a massive hole in her tights. Right in the thigh. I didn't bring a spare pair because I never believed anything like that would actually happen. I stare out the window wondering what else can go wrong.

Since there was no way in the world that we had time to make lunches to take with us, Brian thinks stopping at Burger King will make me feel better after this latest setback. He actually lets us eat inside. Don't we look wonderful, our little chorus line of girls holding hands with Brian and Reagan bringing up the rear. He finds a table and gets everyone settled while I scurry around getting drinks and our food together. We eat and quickly load back up. (Quickly, in this case, means it only took 15 minutes.)

We're back on the road...running late.

When we finally pull up outside of Sears, it's 1:40pm. Brian instructs me get out and take Darcy with me. I've got the diaper bag, my purse, 2 dresses on hangers, the "hair" bag, the hairbows and Darcy. Brian changes Lily at the car and brings her and Reagan inside.

To be continued....

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Jackie said...

You can't leave that story like that!!! I laughed out loud when I read what Darcy did!!! HAHA!!! I am actually laughing as I type!!! OK, can't wait to see the end of this one!!! Talk to you soon!!!