Thursday, July 12, 2007


We are nearly at 19 weeks and tomorrow is our sonogram. For some reason, I am anxious. It is very likely that we are having a girl, but I am feeling in my bones that this baby is a boy. I can't explain it...I don't understand it. I don't think I'll cry if I find out it's not a boy, but I really believe it is. I have asked God to prepare my heart for what we will find out tomorrow, but I am nervous. I think it's because as long as I don't know, I can pretend that it's a boy. To that end, Brian and I have already picked out a name for a boy...but have thought nothing about naming a girl.

Lily has already put in her request for a brother...probably because she has already witnessed the damage that a sister can do. We tell her it might be a sister, but she replies that it might be a brother, too. You really can't tell 3-year olds anything.

When my mother was pregnant with my younger brother (who turned 21 yesterday), someone told me that sisters take your things. So I said I wanted a brother. No one told me that brothers take your stuff, too.

Even though I'm nervous, I can't wait until tomorrow. The suspense is killing me!


Anonymous said...

Don't leave us in suspense! How did the sonogram go? Did He/She cooperate? It was good to see you last time you were in town!


JLP said...